Emperor Justinian I


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Justinian I was born as Flavius Petrus Sabbatius in Tauresium, Dardania; in present day North Macedonia. He was a peasant and was later adopted by his uncle Justin I who gave him his name. Justin I at the time was Commander of the Palace Guard and soon himself became Emperor. By the time he got to the throne he was in his late 60’s and served only 9 years. His mental state rapidly declined near the end but luckily he had entrusted Justinian I to soon takeover the Eastern Roman Empire.

Reign & Policy

Known as “the Emperor who never sleeps” Justinian had harsh working habits and strived for his empires greatness. He was a devout catholic and debated such beliefs and convictions always looking to expand his beloved religion to others. He is known mostly in history as a great reformer who revised all roman laws in what is referred to as the “Code of Justinian”. His laws and policies spread the world over and continue to last into current times. Coming from poverty he knew the value in helping those less fortunate; he provided free medical care, public bathing, and bread to all those who needed it.

Natural Disasters

Justinian’s rule was nearly consumed by mother natures destruction which halted major progress and innovation for his people. In the 530’s all of today’s middle east saw unprecedented and abnormal weather events. In 535 AD the sun was cloaked in atmospheric dust proving such severe sunlight deficiency hampering the region with an ensuing famine. This was the result of a massive volcanic eruption leaving its particles and fumes in the air for years. Most of the 540’s were of death and panic resulting from the first known outbreak of bubonic plague killing tens of millions. Beirut in 551 AD suffered a massive earthquake and a following tsunami forming; all of which killed 30,000 people.