Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Right before the election in October 2020 it was reported that a laptop owned by Hunter Biden showed many scandalous activities and potential crimes. Hunter apparently left the laptop at a repair shop in Delaware to recover data after it was severely water damaged and never returned for it. It was seized by the FBI following a subpoena in December 2019. Like many things the incoming Biden Admin and mainstream media denied its existence and obliviously any contents included were massively suppressed for the same reason.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg said any content posted to his site about it was removed citing Russian disinformation. Prior to Elon Musk buying and rebranding Twitter; the company had also hidden the same knowledge because of their deep connections to the government and its influence which was released with detail in the Twitter Files by Matt Taibbi. There’s been plenty of lawsuits and investigations to tap in on what has been alleged to be on the MacBook. There seems to be a vast amount of influence peddling between Hunter and other governments, or other illegal activities in general. Among the many problems concerning whats real and factual is that the waters have been muddied in the laptops chain of custody. This is a fair representation concluding that some things could realistically of been tampered.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop


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