Chicago World Fairs

The World Fair was held twice in the city of Chicago in the years 1893 and 1933. The first lasting 6 months celebrating 400 years since Christopher Columbus arrived in the new world. The second lasting 17 months to celebrate Chicago’s Centennial as a city. Both had many other countries participating in showing a world of the future, including inventions and other advancements in science and technology.


The fairground was dubbed “The White City” because of the white colored stone facade used for all the architecture. This included 200 temporary buildings, canals, and lagoons. 27 million people attended. There were massive pavilions with the Nina Pinta Santa Maria replicas and a viking boat. It showed off inventions of the ferris wheel, zipper, chewing gum, dishwasher, and even Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. This fair ended in a surprise assassination of the Chicago Mayor Carter Harrison Sr.


This year was more to emphasize progress towards a perfect world and was attended by 48 million people. This fair included Singer/Actress Judy Garland, new cars like the Cadillac V16 and Packard Twelve, and even the famous German blimp Graf Zeppelin. There was an intense dysentery outbreak caused by poor plumbing within the hotels with a thousand infected and left 98 dead.

Chicago World Fairs


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