Chernobyl Explosion

On April 26 1986 the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant had a horrific and disastrous meltdown in one of its four Nuclear Reactors. Chernobyl itself is a mostly abandoned City that in the last 40 years since the incident has dropped from 14,000 people to only 800 due to obvious reasons. Around 350,000 people over time had been evacuated and displaced between Chernobyl and surrounding areas affected by the blast and the incoming fallout.

This incident was caused by three serious lapse in judgement. Firstly that the actual reactors themselves were defective in function. Secondly that the operators had poor training leading to insufficient knowledge in proper use. Lastly the crew had intentionally turned off emergency power regulating and safety systems to expedite testing. This neglect meant the plant was doomed from the start. During the incident 2 workers died almost imminently from the explosion with another 28 passing in the coming weeks. Many people and animals that experienced the severe exposure to the blasts lasting radiation developed different cancers, mutations, etc.

Chernobyl Explosion


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